Thursday, August 20, 2009

How to get a teaching license in MA

You can get a so-called "preliminary" license without having to take any education courses. You need to:

--take and pass two MTEL exams
--have a bachelor's degree in or close to the subject.

MTEL exams:

Communications and Literacy. Everybody has to take this one.

Subject matter. If you want to teach English, you take the English test. Math, the math test, etc. Details. Do the registration checklist which includes registering, deciding on which tests you want to take, and paying. Exams are given every three months.

Some subjects have practice tests. Check if your subject has one. If so print it out and go through it carefully. Depending on the subject, that may be all the preparation you need.

Of course, just because you have a license, doesn't mean a public school system will hire you. It only means that they could hire you, if they wanted to. You will be competing with dozens or hundreds of others, many of whom have bachelor's degrees in Education, at least.