Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I hate those blue bin people

The Lynn DPW sent out a 2006 calendar to show when to put your recycling bin out with the trash. You have a green bin or a blue bin, and alternate weeks. You stick the calendar on your refrigerator so you can see if it's your week or not on trash morning, so you don't put out a bin that they won't collect.

Only problem, green is blue, and blue is green. Are the colors transposed, and green bins go out on days marked blue? Or is the text transposed, and the days marked in the right color on the calendar?

On January 9, blue bins and green bins were out all over the city. Green bin people guessed that the text was transposed and that the calendar colors were correct. Blue bin people guessed that the colors were transposed and the text was correct.

On that same day we received a corrected version in the mail. Too late for that day though. You might think for a publication whose only purpose is to distinguish green from blue, that they would get it right the first time. But it's so easy to carp, to be a critic!

It turns out that the text was correct and the colors on the entire flyer were transposed. Green bins go out on green weeks, and the blue weeks were now the green weeks.

So January 9 turned out to be a blue day, not a green day, and the green bins left out were uncollected.

I have a green bin. I hate those blue bin people. They're so smug. They think they're better than we are. And I hate the ones who guessed correctly most of all. Elite holier-than-thou types. Snobs.

One day they'll get their comeuppance. Comeuppance!

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