Sunday, April 06, 2008

simply gourmet

Sunday, 9:30 AM. Ah my quaint lovely neighborhood. The Sandwich Maker on the corner has changed hands yet again. Now it's Simply Gourmet. They didn't bother with a new sign--that's the old Sandwich Maker in the chef's hat. They just painted over the old name.

This place, it practically shouts "Gourmet", doesn't it. And, they have bagels! What better time for a bagel than a Sunday morning. There's a big Now Open sign on the wall, and two Open flags out front. But, it's closed. No bagel for me.

It's open and closed!

Note the bench. Makes you want to sit right down and spend time with your bagel and coffee. I can barely resist the urge. Click on the pic for a better view of this charming spot.


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